Sunday, June 2, 2013

Family Update

SO now that I got Brooklyn's birth story done and out of the way I can now start to up date those that read this about whats been going on with my little family!

Well since my last last post which was back when we were in Washington A LOT has gone on!!! We moved back to Arizona for starters.We moved back in with Chads parents in San Tan Valley. Chad is a transporter for Dignity Memorial ( he picks up the deceased...ewww!) But it pays the bills and I all I have to deal with is the sometimes VERY disgusting stories, but at least I don't have to do his job. And I am a stay at home of to Beautiful and Crazy girls Rylee and Brooklyn. Who are 2 and 1 years old now.

A week after I had Brooklyn in May 7th 2012, Rylee had her 1st birthday! It's truly how fast the first year goes by! She took her first steps the night of her birthday party which was  the 19th I believe. It was so fun because everyone on both sides of the family could celebrate as she took those first steps. She has so many people that love her and I hope she knows that now and forever!

So now there is 7 kids living under one roof... well needles to say it became to much plus it was to much gas for chad to drive into work so we decided to go back and live with my parents and set a goal to get our own place with in the year.

On July 28th 2012 my Grandpa Darnell past away. He missed his 93rd birthday by 3 months. He lived such a great life. I miss him so much. He was such a good man and was so giving. He helped my family so much. I love my "little papa" He meant the world to me but I know that I will see in again some day. I am just so grateful that my girls got to know there great grandpa, even though it might have only been for a short time they are so lucky to have such a wonderful great grandpa.

After that came all the holidays which were so fun with having 2 girls to chase around. There Uncle Colton even came down to visit from Utah for Christmas)

Since my grandpa passed away his house was empty and after my dad talked with his parents they decided it was best for not that they moved into it since the cold up in Utah was bad on my grandpa J's joints and were planning to move down here anyway why not have family stay there instead of some strangers. So now my grandparents are here and we love having them around!

Chad and I just had our 4 year Anniversary!! I cant believe its been this long already. In a blink of an eye it seems like now. I am so luck to have such a wonderful man in my life. He is an AMAZING HUSBAND AND FATHER! I am so blessed to have such a wonderful eternal companion.

Chad turned 24 this past January. and I am turning 24 this Wednesday! I know I know...we'ere so old!! Just kidding. Speaking of birthdays my little sweethearts just had there birthdays on the 7th and 14th and We had their party on the 11th. We went swimming and had a BBQ. It was so much fun!! Brooklyn follows in her sister's foot steps and starting walking the week of her birthday but just a few steps. Finally over these last few weeks has gotten brave and is walking all over the place.  Rylee is talking up a storm and her imagination is just blossoming!! She is so much fun. And Brooklyn is is such a fire cracker! She has some crazy lungs on her cause she can scream so high! It drives my sister mad! But she will grow out of it soon...I HOPE! LOL Well that just about sums it up for now. If I forgot anything I will come back to you with it. And I will be adding pictures when I get some free time!!

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